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Brian Crower

One year ago, we at MR2 Guru decided to broaden our market and delve more
into Research and Development. To date we have helped deveop more than 20
MR2 specific products, including but not limited to the NST Clutchless
Supercharger Pulley for the 4AGZE, the only Synapse-sanctioned MR2
specific adapter for the Synchronic Blow Off Valve and now these never
before released Brian Crower cams, valve springs, and retainers for the

Brian Crower has assisted us in developing these cams for the 2nd and 3rd
Generation 3SGTE with a strong partnership between power and
affordability. Over the last year, we have worked tirelessly to ensure
that these cams are able to reach the market - even in these trying
economic times. When affordability is of the utmost importance, Brian
Crower has taken the time and money to help us invest in this venture. Not
only are we confident in the company and their ability to create
competitive products, we also trust in their impeccable customer service
and technical support.

Available in two popular durations, both perform as competitively as they
are priced.

The 264 degree camshafts will be the most user friendly as well as cost
effective. They are safe to use on the stock Gen 2 Shim-Over Bucket design
and do not require a valve spring or retainer upgrade. The lift is
slightly less aggressive than other brands to allow ease of use with an OE
or ROM tuned ECU versus the the alternative necessity of a full EMS. These
cams still have a slight lope at idle for that aggressive sound, yet they
will perform with the most commendable street manners.

The 272 degree camshafts are some of the most aggressive on the market
today. With a staggering amount of lift and a long duration, they scream
for RPMs. These cams are so aggressive they will require the valve spring
upgrade, in addition to a shim-under or shimless bucket design to be used.
They are also intended for built/performance engines as they will require
ECU and tuning modification. *These cams will create interference with
piston and valve clearances, therefore we suggest a new timing kit with

The Valve Spring and Retainer kit adds the icing to the cake. Created for
use with either set of cams, these springs have been designed for high
RPMs; maintaining consistant/constant pressures throughout the power band.
The retainers have been perfectly CNC machined from titanium for precise
tolerances, with great attention to detail. *Retainers fit shim-over
bucket and shimless bucket designs only. For shim-under bucket designs,
use spring only.*

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Camshaft Specifications

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Brian Crower Cam Specs
Description Cam # ADV DURATION DUR @ .050" LIFT (inches) LIFT (mm) KIT #
Stage 2
Street/Strip Specification
Plug and play application. Short duration for nice street manners, slight lope at idle. Excellent all purpose spec. OEM spring OK.
Stage 3
Longer duration profile, added rpm potential. Intended for fully built engine. Tuning and ECU bucket mods recommended. Requires shim under bucket.
Shim under bucket